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Weekly Feminist Work in Tech by Mozillians roundup - Week of March 3, 2014

posted on Mar 07, 2014
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We have a ton of individual work done by MoFo and MoCo employees related to feminism, feminist activism and the larger technology community. So much is happening, I can barely keep track!

I've reached out to a few people I work with to get some highlights and spread the word about interesting projects we're all working on. If you are a Mozillian and occasionally or regularly work on feminist issues in the tech community, please let me know! My plan is to ping people every Friday morning and post a blog post about what's happened in the last week.

Without further ado:

Dispatch from me, Selena Deckelmann:

Dispatch from Liz Henry:

Dispatch from Lukas Blakk:

Dispatch from Larissa Shapiro:

Anything else that's come up in the last week, or that you'd like Mozillians to know about? Let me know in the comments!

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