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ptop - meeting summary from last nights pdxpug

posted on Nov 16, 2007
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Last night's meeting was about ptop and Mark Wong's efforts to make an interactive, command-line tool for monitoring the current status of a PostgreSQL database.

For our meeting, Mark set up a test operating system on a USB drive, and bravely demo'd his new software.

Mark got the idea for ptop a few months ago, and went looking for the source code to top to get started. After a few days of hacking, he had a some useful features he wanted to share. So, he's set up a project and started gathering developers:

The features currently supported include displaying:

One feature I particularly liked was showing deltas of statistics over time. So you set your ptop sampling interval to some value (i.e. 5 seconds) and then you can see, for example, user table statics changing over time. This is something I wrote some perl scripts for, but would love to have as a standard utility. Particularly if I could log/graph it.

Currently, ptop is only compiling on Linux. I really want it on Mac OS X.

We came up with a short list of desired features for the next revision of ptop:

And just a general question that came up:

Thanks for a great meeting.

Thank you Mark & Gabrielle for sending out meeting announcements this month.


December Coders Bash Tuesday, December 11, 2007 CubeSpace, 622 SE Grand Ave., Portland OR 97214

Sam from the PHP Users group started organizing a group event in December, inviting folks from all the different users groups to come and socialize.

ALSO a HACKATHON: Gabrielle, Mark and I thought it would be awesome to have a ptop HackAThon the weekend after Thanksgiving. Some possible features we'd work on are below. Anyone interested? Get in touch. I was thinking the early afternoon on Saturday, or early evening on Sunday.

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