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Feminist reading: Creating a wiki page, reading

posted on Sep 08, 2012
categories: feminism

This will be a series of blog posts about the reading I'm doing about feminism.

Over the years, I've been given a list of books like the The Feminine Mystique, The Second Sex (Vintage), and most recently Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How to Use It.

I've read parts or all of those, and many other books. But I am still sitting here with a profound sense of dislocation about feminism. I don't have a list of feminist philosophers or writers that I strongly identify with. I find a lot of the writing either polemical or overly academic. I would like to find the books and articles that I can identify with, learn from and share.

My first action is to create a wiki page with links to books and articles that I'm finding in a number of syllabi for introductory womens studies classes.

If you have a syllabus from a course you've taken that you can share with me, I'd love to see it.

The things I've read today include:

I am reflecting on all the readings, and if you'd like to join me in discussion, I'd love to have some discussion partners as I work through these texts.

Have some feedback? Corrections? Ideas for other posts? Contact me @selenamarie.