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A year of PDXPUG

posted on Jan 01, 2009
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Last year was the third year that PDXPUG has been operating in Portland, and I decided to look back at our year of meetings. Here goes:

January 11 - 10 things you can use in PostgreSQL 8.3 February 26 - Extreme Database Makeover: RT March 20 - Managing Internet Services: Using the right tool for the job April 17 - Rails on PostgreSQL May 15 - PostgreSQL for Pythoneers June 19 - The relational model July 20 - PDXPUG DAY!, and the schedule August 21 - Tsearch2 and Materialized Views (Guest speaker from Seattle!!) September 18 - The Visual Planner October 16 - Point In Time Recovery November 20 - Reviewed 8.4 features with the help of depesz's blog December - Coder's Social

Thanks everyone who gave talks and attended meetings! User groups are only as good as the people who participate in them, and this list shows just how talented, diverse and fun the Postgres community is in Portland. I love you guys!

Looking forward - once again, we've already scheduled talks through the next four months! I feel like the group is running on its own momentum, and that is a fabulous feeling. We have a data visualization talk, another Extreme Database Makeover, and hopefully a presentation about teaching database theory with PostgreSQL.

Our next meeting is on January 15, 7pm with Stephen Jazdzewski traveling all the way from Eugene to present SplendidCRM, a formerly Microsoft SQL-only system that is now compatible with PostgreSQL. I am happy to see more of our Microsoft colleagues joining and presenting to the user group communities, as I've always felt they are underrepresented in our groups. Also, I'm happy to host another out-of-town presenter here in Portland! Hope to see you on the 15th.

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