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2010 retrospective

posted on Jan 03, 2011
tags: 2009 retrospective
categories: personal

I'm barely back from a 2-week vacation, and still easing my way back into Portland living.

Looking back on 2010, the highlights were:

I'm sure I left a few things out. I wish I would have written this post last year for 2009, as it was also an amazing year, full of travel, new experiences and wonderful people. Maybe I'll do that and just backdate it for myself. I forgot that I'd done a picture inspiration last year for 2010. I substituted scuba diving for flying - cheaper and quite a bit safer. :) Otherwise.. mostly all came to pass.

Another thing about this year: I'm still not sure what it is that I want to become. I've had many conversations over the last six months with women who are at a similar stage of life - stable work/career, considering having children, loving travel, obsessed with software and communication.

What comforted me is that they were sitting with the ambiguity of it all as well, and finding ways of sifting through probabilities to home in on what's truly important. I think happiness is an important factor in decision making about life's goals, but there's a big part of me that's more apt to go for interestingness instead. So, while sometimes things have gone off the rails or been incredibly difficult in the last year, all the experiences I listed above have made the sacrifices and contemplative time worth it.

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